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DC bus Capacitors for IGBT-Based Converters in Traction Apparatus

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DC bus capacitor DMJ-MC series

Metallized film capacitors are made of two metallized films with plastic film as the dielectric.

A very thin (~ 0.03 μm[2]) vacuum-deposited aluminum metallization is applied to one or both sides to serve as electrodes.

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Polypropylene film capacitors

Fixed metallized polypropylene film dielectric d.c. capacitors,

This configuration can have “self-healing” properties, in that dielectric breakdowns or short circuits between the electrodes do not necessarily lead to the destruction of the component.

With this basic design, it is possible to make high-quality products such as “zero defect” capacitors and to produce wound capacitors with larger capacitance values (up to 100 μF and larger) in smaller cases (high volumetric efficiency) compared to film/foil construction.

CRE is strong for its R&D capability, we develop a capacitor according to?rated capacitance,?rated voltage, operating environment, etc.


1. Dry-type technology;

2. Wide temperature range;

3. Ability to withstand very high voltages;

4. Low electrical losses;

5. Capable of handling high and very high current surges.


Film capacitors for use in electronic equipment are packaged in the common and usual industry styles: axial, radial, cylindrical, metal case, etc

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